an exceptional opportunity for Architects, Planners and Designers to meet and discuss contemporary issues in Israel


The Complexity of Modern Urbanism in Global and Multicultural Realm


The Complexity of Modern Urbanism in Global and Multicultural Realm

Festival of Israeli Architecture

A two-day festival in cooperation with leading professional associations in Israel.
More than 4,000 participants in an event devoted entirely to innovation, inspiration and future architecture.

June 12-13

Tel-Aviv Convention Center, Tel-Aviv


awards ceremony



Iin collaboration:

About the festival

The Festival of Israeli Architecture brings together the Israeli architectural community.

The first architectural event in which professionals from various disciplines meet and discuss the future of architecture and urban planning.

Prominent keynote speakers and well known architects from abroad will deliver lectures and participate in professional panels.

Participants will be exposed to the latest innovations in the field, to new materials and products, and will enjoy interaction with the business community.


The official annual event for architecture, planning and design professionals:

Architects  |  Designers  |  Engineers  | Government & Municipal Authorities  |  Construction industries  |  Students

Professional exhibition

The finest products and innovations will be presented in the exhibition, which will be displayed in the central hall during both days of the festival.

Variety of sponsorship possibilities at different levels

Platinum / Gold / Silver

Discussion sessions / lectures by international speakers / brief commercial lectures / gala event

Variety of design exhibits and presentation areas

For additional details on participating as a sponsor or presenter at the Festival, contact us at:

Professional conference

Six international keynote speakers and twelve discussion sessions and presentations concerning current issues – led by top professionals from Israel and around the world.  These will take place simultaneously during the two-day festival in three large halls.

Each session will feature two hours of professional discussions and presentations for an audience of senior figures from local government, regulatory bodies, customers, suppliers, and distinguished guests from leading architectural firms around the world.

Main Subjects:

  • The new Urbanism – Mixed-used-development and public spaces in future city centers
  • Israel 2048 – 20 million People – Where are they going to live?
  • Neighbors: Mediterranean architecture in the new Middle East
  • Green is the new Grey – Eco Architecture &environmental responsibility
  • Rethinking: Multiculturalism and the Global City
  • Parametric Architectur
  • Planning vs. Regulation and Bureaucracy
  • Social Architecture – From the kibbutz and the Immigrants project buildings to the contemporary fashion of co-living,  co-working and the urban renewal revolution
  • Vision Talks -Short talks about Innovation & Vision

Architectural Award Ceremony

2018 Award ceremony

For the first time in Israel:

the architectural award ceremony of the Israeli Architects and Town Planners Association will grant awarding prizes to Israel's outstanding architects in different categories.

The ceremony will take place during a gala attended by leading influential architectures and designers.

Dear Collogues,

The State of Israel, once divided into geographical districts, is becoming a single and continuous urban space, from North to South, from East to West.

The wave of current massive construction:  development of railway network and road system, expansion of cities, renovation of neighborhoods and rehabilitation of city centers has made a significant change in Israeli urban landscape.

Rural space is incorporated into rapidly growing metropolises, changing traditional urban lifestyles.

Skyscrapers are changing the city skyline. Contemporary urban life enable high accessibility to communal services and create a large range of opportunities and social mobility.

We have abandoned agricultural fields and factories in favor of office spaces in high-rise buildings.

We have neglected traditional town houses in favor of apartments in residential towers.

Does this current wave represent Israeli escapism from distressed reality, or is it an attempt to be a part of a global culture?

What will be the character of Israel's cultural and social identity in coming decades?

Which kind of open space will remain for coming generations to live in?

Architects, planners and designers will gather at the Festival of Israeli Architecture and will have the opportunity to discuss, lecture and debate on social, urban, cultural and ecological issues and to draw new urban visions.

Architecture is the collective cultural and social expression, a declaration of a community towards traditions, landscapes and mode of life.

Reshaping the country in the digital-global age has been a significant national challenge since the establishment of the State of Israel.

The Festival of Israeli Architecture is an opportunity to present visions and offer ideas.  An encounter in which we may collectively succeed in charting out and shaping tomorrow's reality.  We will be there and we will be happy to see you there among us.

yours sincerely,

David Knafo
Architect and Chairman
of the Israel Association of United Architects.